There's No Such Thing As A "Stupid" Question!


I believe so strongly in not tampering too much with a moment that one can see me resorting to some rather humorous yoga-esque poses to get the shot that I want without getting too involved. Its all about telling your story rather than creating it as most of the magic is lost this way.

This is your story, your quirks, your connections, your memories.

This imperfect-perfectness is your beautiful life!

What's Your Style?

I would say I have a mixture between a documentary and cinematic style. I love the little moments but I also enjoy a bit of the WOW factor should it arise! You know when the sun suddenly turns to liquid gold and you're buried in the rocky mountains, magic is just bound to happen!

We Don't Like to Pose Much.

Awesome! I pride myself on not focusing too much on posey pictures as the last thing you probably feel like doing is pretending to be a shmodel. Its about you and your Person having some fun and getting great pics on the best day of your life. I will give you some basic guidelines but the magic I capture is pure interaction between the two of you.

Do You Use Lights / Flash?

The only time I will resort to flash is during your reception should it be required. I have a deep love for natural light and contrast and prefer to use the surrounding light on the day and during the time of our shoot.